Bless Foundation

Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai)

BLESS FOUNDATION (Be Light for Evangelism and Social Service) , is a registered NGO working for the rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS infected and affected children in the cities of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

BLESS FOUNDATION, (Be Light for Evangelism and Social Service)a premier institution working in the field of HIV/AIDS care pledged to offer nutritional, medical, educational, parental and spiritual support to HIV/AIDS affected children. Its special care center Bless Care Home gives new lease to lives of around 20 children who were deprived of parental care, food, medicine and shelter. BLESS FOUNDATION adopted these children into our home and offering them holistic care which help them to lead a normal life.

Child Care,Charity Organization
Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Navi Mumbai (New Mumbai)